SMI co. Recycling
Wood is Nature's Renewable Resource!

SMIco. is committed to recycling and keeping wooden packaging out of our landfills. Through company and employee teamwork, none of our material ever goes to a landfill. Instead, it is used for a renewable fuel source, landscape beautification, and playground safety.

  • Our recycling operation processes over 3000 pallets per week, putting them back into the market to be re-used.
  • We can custom design a pallet retrieval and repair program to “close the loop” on your pallet program and reduce your costs.
  • SMIco. will remove your unwanted pallets at no-charge, sort them, and recycle the useable components. We will even pay you for some sizes of damaged pallet cores.
  • We utilize the same stringent quality control systems on our recycled pallets as we do on our new pallets. Our recycled pallets offer the same performance as our new pallets...but at a greatly reduced price!

Contact our Sales Department to see what you can save through a pallet recycling program.

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Mailing Address:
201 12th Ave W. - Box 116
Cresco, IA 52136

Phone: (563) 547-3932
Fax: (563) 547-4018